Who We Are


We understand that planning a group trip can be overwhelming and are dedicated to taking as much work off your plate as possible. If you value convenience and time, you’ve landed in the right place. Our top notch travel services are designed specifically to meet the needs of your group. We’ll handle every aspect of planning, from executing the big ideas to perfecting the little details, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.


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THIS IS How We Do It

  1. It starts with YOUR vision of an ideal trip. We listen, provide informative insights based on our experience, and together we collaborate on what soon becomes an unforgettable itinerary for your group.

  2. Then the planning begins. Our team utilizes our industry knowledge, strategic relationships, and educated negotiation tactics to bring your group the most VALUE for your dollar.

  3. Then we execute. We’ve planned out all the logistics and take care of your group every step of the way so that each and every passenger travels safely and stress-free.

  4. Pack your bags. Now the fun begins.


  • Find all of your details in one place. Once you’re ready to book, we create a private group page with all of the trip info on our website that only your guests can access.

  • We offer ‘Yoga Payments’ (we’re as flexible as your favorite pair of pants). After an initial deposit your guests can come back to the site and pay any amount they’d like at their convenience

  • Service that never sleeps. We’ll be in constant communication about setting up local experiences, reservations, and anything else we can dream up.

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Meet the Team

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When you travel with Vacay Vibes, you’re treated like family -- because we are family! Aaron & Erica are well-traveled siblings with an appreciation for hospitality, attention to detail and customer service. Coming from a childhood filled with many international vacations, the passion for travel and experiencing new cultures was instilled early on. Combined they have visited over 25 countries, slept in countless hotels, and have developed industry relationships all over the globe. They are completely dedicated to exceeding all expectations for your travel desires, starting from the first phone call and lasting a lifetime.